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10 Top Trends and Ideas for Organizing your Garage
How many times have you told family members that the garage is not a dumpsite but continue to witness everyone throwing unwanted or slightly used stuff into the growing pile of clutter covering the garage floor? If so, these popular organizing ideas used by other garage owners who finally became fed up with a garage that resembled the aftermath of a tornado may help you in your quest for an attractive, useful garage.
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Planning Garage Cabinet Installation
All you will need for this project is masking tape and measuring tape and, of course, a strong desire to organize your garage into a clean, safe and attractive place!
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Consider these Garage Makeover Ideas
Do you need to install stoplights at hallway intersections in your home? Is your home bulging at the seams because of too many people, too much stuff and not enough space? Consider that nice, big garage you have that is probably just sitting there, uninhabited, cluttered and begging to be made into something useful.
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Garage Cabinet Styles and Layouts
Garage cabinets are no longer just simple wooden shelves covered in chipped paint and hanging by a rusty nail in a forgotten corner of the garage. Today, garage shelving has evolved into being referred to as "furniture" for the garage by offering a stunning array of options--wall cabinets, standing cabinets, rolling cabinets, pantry-style cabinets, modular cabinets and even cabinets equipped with remote locking mechanisms.
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New Uses for That Old Garage
Is your home starting to feel cluttered? Do you find yourself feeling like there there’s just never enough space, enough storage, or enough rooms? If so, you’re not alone. Plenty of homeowners feel a crunch in their livable space from time to time. If moving or adding onto the home isn’t an option for you, as it isn’t for many people for a wide range of reasons, don’t despair. There may still be a solution to your problem, and it’s probably lurking just beyond the main space of the home. That’s right: the garage. The garage can provide an excellent opportunity to create a new space. It just takes a little creativity and thinking outside of the box.
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Ideas & Inspiration: Dramatic Garage Overhauls
The garage, once known as a place strictly for cars, is being thought of in brand new ways in many American homes. As homeowners are increasingly deciding to renovate and improve the home rather than face a difficult real estate market by selling and buying a new house, ideas for how to update the home are getting further and further from the box.
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Tips and Tricks for Organizing the Garage
Organizing the garage can be a mystifying project to start. However, don’t be too afraid to jump in and begin work on organizing your garage. It could breathe new life into your old space!
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Choosing Garage Cabinetry
As with any remodel or update to the home, the first step in installing new cabinets in the garage should be planning. You should have a solid plan for what you plan to store, how, and where in the garage. Knowing the specifics of what you want to accomplish will inevitably help you make the best choices when you are at the store ready to purchase items. Once you know what you’re going to do with the cabinets, it’s a good idea to take measurements so that when you go to the store to buy them, you know exactly what you need.
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Inspirational Tips to Jumpstart Your Garage Renovation Project
Do you look at your garage and wonder how many dump trucks it would take to clean out all the junk that has accumulated over the years? Two? Three? Four? Unfortunately, this realization, along with the impending enormity of the job, tends to vanquish any sense of motivation you might experience for a few seconds upon viewing your garage, a.k.a. "the dump".
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Start Your Garage Renovation Project
Assessing how much damage you have done to your garage, clutter-wise. In other words, are you standing hip-deep or ankle-deep in clutter? If you feel like you are on the verge of drowning in garage stuff, you better rent a dumpster before starting to clean. Otherwise, having five or six large trash cans sitting around marked "Keep", "Throw Away" or "Donate/Garage Sale" to expedite your renovation.
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Turn Your Out of Control Garage into an Orderly Garage
Organize and streamline your garage by using a variety of items that facilitate storing and protecting all the things you keep in your garage. For example, start your garage makeover by placing freestanding shelving units that keep potentially toxic substances off the floor and away from curious children or pets.
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Themes for Creating the Ultimate Man Cave
Everybody needs their own, personal space to indulge in their favorite recreational activities why not transform that neglected garage space into the ultimate man cave? You will be simultaneously adding value to your home while giving the man (or men) of the house a place in which they can behave as naturally as they desire without disrupting other family members or turning your home into a fabulous disaster.
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Types of Garage Storage
For many years, the garage was a hopeless place. However, in today’s market, there are many different types of tools available to the savvy homeowner – all of which help to organize the garage and make it a safe and useful space in the home.
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Gladiator GarageWorks – Making a Difference in Garage Organization
Gladiator Garage has long been a company that is dedicated to improving the garage space by using organization to enhance usability. As one of companies on top of the garage organization game, Gladiator Garage is known within the industry for its consistent innovation of new products. Below is a sampling of the latest and greatest products that have emerged from the think tanks at Gladiator Garage.
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Garage Transformation: Remodeling the Garage
Homeowners across the United States are turning their garages into brand new spaces. Whether they be bedrooms, workout rooms, art studios, or home offices, garages around the nation are finding a new way to be useful. But what does a garage remodeling project really entail? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the ins and outs of a garage remodel, the associated costs, and tips for planning your garage remodel successfully.
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Buying Guide for Garage Storage Units
More than ever, people are spending large amounts of leisure time in their garages, using them as home offices, playrooms for children, workshops and even “man-caves”. The diversity of garage storage units now available with which to accessorize the garage is nothing short than amazing—everything from custom-made cabinets to remote-controlled overhead ceiling storage racks.
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Organizing and Storing Your Tools
If you are a homeowner with a garage, chances are the majority of your tools are stashed haphazardly in the garage. In fact, searching for a certain-sized hammer, wrench or screwdriver sometimes turns into a full-scale search-and-seizure mission that inevitably results in you finding the tool after several hours have passed, during which time you could have already completed the job if your tools had been stored in proper containers.
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The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Garage Cabinets
If you have been looking at garage cabinets, you are now probably overwhelmed with the large number of choices available and have no idea what kind of cabinets would best accommodate your needs. Should you buy cheap cabinets? Expensive cabinets that may last longer but will put a big dent in your budget? Do you prefer simply designed cabinets? Or would you like something more stylish decorating your garage?
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Tips on Choosing the Best Tile for Your Garage Floor
The best kind of tile for your garage floor depends on how you use your garage floor. For serious mechanics who always have at least two vehicles parked in their garage that need more than simple oil changes, heavy-duty, ribbed tiles at least ¼ inch thick and made from PVC will provide features necessary to make the garage safe and comfortable. Polyvinyl chloride is affordable, offers high resistance to a variety of chemicals and is made flexible by adding plasticizers during the molding process.
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Alternate Uses for the Garage
Do you feel like you and your family are outgrowing your home? It’s a common feeling. As the kids get older and belongings become more copious, the space inside the house can begin to feel smaller and smaller. Although many families have the desire to move into a larger home when this starts to happen, moving into a larger space isn’t always a viable option for whatever reason.
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Garage Organization
Gone are the days when the garage was simply a place to store the car away from the elements. Today’s homeowner is re-envisioning this often overlooked – but exceedingly useful – space. New garage-friendly storage solutions make it possible for garages to be converted into a variety of uses, including storage spaces, office spaces, or spaces for hobbies to unfold.
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Jobsite Tool Organization
As anyone who has worked on a construction site knows, keeping tools and equipment at the jobsite can be difficult. There is so much to think about on a typical construction site, contractors simply don’t always have the time to constantly stay on top of the organization component of a smooth site.
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Tiles for the Garage Floor
Paint and epoxy have long been the go-to solution for those wishing to update or finish a garage floor. However, there is another option out there for the garage floor: floor tiles. Not just any floor tiles. There are actually floor tiles that are made specifically for the garage floor. Using such tiles in the garage can result in a great new look for the space.
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Inspiration for Garage Makeovers
Everybody wants a clean, neat and organized garage but most of us feel anxious when thinking about starting this kind of intense renovation. Where to start, what should I keep, what should I get rid of, will I be able to finish it once I begin--these are just some of the questions that clutter the minds of most people who desperately want to clean up the clutter in their garage.
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The Perfect Father's Day Gift: A Garage Renovation Just for Him
Deciding what to get Dad for Father's Day is something we all start thinking about several months in advance. Instead of presenting him with another indescribably weird tie or gift certificate to Bass Pro, why not multitask by cleaning and transforming his garage into a room he can call all his own?
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The Well-Groomed Garage: From Floor to Ceiling
When your garage is well-groomed, the rest of your house seems just as neat and organized, doesn't it? Walking from your home into a cluttered, dirty garage can make you feel like you haven't accomplished anything, even though you have just spent the last six hours cleaning your home. Tackling that garage is the last thing you really want to do but you know it needs done.
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Organize Your Garage before It's Too Late
Don't wait until your garage is so crammed full of stuff that you couldn't even squeeze a motorcycle into it. Grab several, oversized, plastic trash cans, a new broom and start organizing your garage by asking yourself these questions about each item.
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Common Garage Safety Issues
For many homeowners, organizing the garage is a challenge. If your garage is like many others – in other words, a smorgasbord of mismatched items – take a look at the following tips for keeping your garage organized and clean.
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Converting the Garage to a Workspace
If you are considering converting the garage into a workspace, you will need to create workstations where work may occur. To find success in your own workstation-building project for the garage, follow these steps.
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Garage Project: Painting the Garage Floor
Painting a garage floor can lend new life to the garage in a variety of ways. It can improve appearance, it can cover stains, and it can make the garage overall more livable and workable. Painting the garage floor can be well worth the investment, but as with any home improvement project, it takes careful planning and execution to pull off the project correctly.
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Garage Shelving Installation
Garage organization is a challenge for some, but with some simple devices such as containers and shelving, it can become a breeze. For reliable garage organization, many homeowners turn to laminated boards anchored to the wall. With shelving affixed to the garage wall, you will create room to store the many items in the garage that are best kept off the ground.
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Cabinets for the Garage
The garage one of the spaces in the home that garage that gives homeowners the most trouble. Traditionally used as a place to park a car, garages are now used for many other things including workspaces, play spaces, relaxation spaces, and storage spaces. In many homes, the garage is a catchall for items that either need to be stored outside of the house or happen to take up too much room within the house. As a result, garages are often very disorganized.
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De-Clutter the Garage by Adding Storage
It has always been a trend that homeowners store a lot of ‘stuff’ in the garage. The garage often becomes an extension of the home – a place to put the things that do not fit in the home. In other words, the garage becomes the solution to the homeowner’s problem of “needing just a little more space”.
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Garage Cabinet Considerations
Long ago, the garage was used for one thing: storing the car. Back then, garage cabinets were not popular – in fact, they were rare. However, as families have grown and have begun to do more and more, the amount of stuff that is kept in the garage has naturally increased. Today, many families desire organization in the garage space.
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Steel Storage Cabinetry for the Garage
In many homes, the garage is a mess. So many different items are stored in the garage that often, it’s difficult to keep straight what’s in there, where it all is, and how to get to it. Because of the nature of the things we store in the garage, it’s often important to have easy access to some items, while other items are not as important to get to year round.
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5 Ways to Transform your Garage Into a Storage Area
Is your home overflowing with stuff that you do not use all the time? Are you one of those people with bulging closet doors and kitchen cabinets crammed with everything from Halloween decorations to your adolescent daughter's artwork from 1st grade?
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How You Can Benefit from Garage Cabinets
Although it is just as easy and less expensive to install shelving in your garage to organize items, garage cabinets provide many benefits that shelves cannot give you.
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Too Many Tools and No Place to Store Them?
Making sure all tools, regardless of what they used for, are kept safe and secure in proper containers that prevent them from being damaged will ensure that you will have your tools in good, working order for many years to come.
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When a Garage isn't a Garage
Garages are no longer viewed as strictly a place to park the car, perform car repairs or work on big home projects. Instead, homeowners are implementing garage renovations by the thousands each year, turning their once dingy, messy garages into a clean, bright room that can be used as a playroom, home gymnasium, spare bedroom, entertainment center or even a "man-cave".
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Useful Space: Attic Space Above a Garage
For so many homeowners, it seems that there is just never enough storage space, particularly in the garage. Garages seem to fill up so quickly with holiday decorations, bikes, mowers, and other lawn care equipment that it can become very easy to no longer have space for the car.
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Planning a Garage Organization Project
We all know it’s true: the garage can easily and quickly become a mess if we’re not careful. The garage is also the space where very many important items are kept, from power tools to lawn mowers to Christmas lights. So, although it’s easy for the garage to become a mess, it’s important that we don’t let it. Therefore, planning and implementing a garage storage system is very important.
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Understanding Garage Storage Systems
The garage is an area of the home that for many homeowners is in need of a great overhaul when it comes to organization. Years of not being attentive toward what is in the garage and where everything is kept can lead to complete disarray once it eventually catches up with you.
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Wall-Mounted Storage Shelves in the Garage
Storage solutions for the garage abound; however, the most popular form of garage storage has long been and remains storage shelves. The most common form of garage storage shelves are wall-mounted, which are affixed to the wall with a bracket.
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Garage Organization Tools
Because it is not part of the main house, the garage is easily overlooked. However, if we focus on what is kept in the garage, we notice that we actually keep rather important items in it. From major appliances to serious chemicals to our automobiles, the garage is the space in our house where expensive and difficult to replace items are stored. Therefore, it’s really important that the garage be neat and organized and that proper and helpful tools are used in this pursuit.
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Garage Organization Tips
Is your garage in need of some major work? Between holiday decorations, old sports equipment, bikes, lawn care tools, and more, it’s easy for the garage to lose any sense of order and fast. If your garage has gotten to the point where you’re tripping over old stuff or not parking your car inside, it’s time for an organization overhaul.
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Cleaning Out the Garage
As so many of us know, the garage is a common playground for disorganization, clutter, and frustration. We also all know that to make the most of our garage space, it needs to be organized. Countless writings exist on the many things we can use to organize our garages, such as shelving, cabinetry, and containers. But how do we actually get the project started?
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Garage Tool Organization
Every time we take on a home improvement project, we need a different tool. And for many people, disorganization leads to frustration when they know they have a particular tool, but just can’t find it. Often, this results in buying the tool again. Eventually, you accumulate so many tools that the disorganization problem only becomes worse.
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Choosing the Right Garage Cabinets
Installing the wrong kind of garage cabinets could be disastrous for your expensive garage items as well as for your budget. The type of weather conditions your geographic area seasonally experiences should considerably influence the choice of materials used to make your garage cabinets.
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Keeping Your Garage Safe
A functional and safe garage is a clean and organized garage. Thousands of accidents happen each year due to the cluttered state of a garage–falls, accidental electrocutions, animal and children poisonings and fires.
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Organization Ideas Using Garage Cabinets
Need inspiration for organizing your cluttered garage but don't know where to start? Most problems arising during a garage organization project concerns figuring out what to do with all the stuff laying on the floor, piled in corners and covering various workbenches or tables without rhyme or reason.
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Tips for Choosing Garage Floor Mats
Garage floor mats are quick and affordable coverings that can be laid directly over concrete flooring. No prep work is involved prior to laying the mats, unlike the stripping and cleaning process necessary before refinishing a cracked and stained concrete garage floor.
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Create the Perfect Man-Cave with These Five Essential Elements
If your garage is simply a place to haphazardly store items that you and your family just cannot seem to throw away for one reason or another, why not turn it into that man-cave you have always wanted.
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Creative and Fun Garage Storage Solutions
Don't just toss that garage clutter into a corner, cover it with a tarp and think to yourself that you have organized the garage like you have always wanted to. Did you know there are creative, colorful, affordable methods with which to store all your garage stuff that not only organizes your garage but can redecorate it as well?
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Organize a Garage with Storage Cabinets
It is well into spring and you still haven't tackled the cluttered, disorganized mess that somehow slammed into your garage over winter like a hurricane. Knowing the amount of work that lies ahead of you in cleaning your garage can be so overwhelming that procrastination and dread prevents you from even picking up one thing off the floor and tossing it in the garbage.
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Eliminate Garage Clutter with Overhead Storage Systems
Look up at the ceiling of a garage and you will probably see a large amount of unclaimed space just waiting to be used. This space probably exists in your garage right at this moment, space that could allow you to de-clutter your garage and potentially transform it into a comfortable and attractive extension of your home.
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Gladiator Cabinets for the Garage
When choosing to reorganize or remodel the garage, it’s important to choose a type of cabinet that will provide long lasting durability, a streamlined design, and easy access. For a top of the line product, many homeowners choose Gladiator cabinetry for their garage space.
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Garage Storage Cabinets
For a long time, the norm for garage storage was open shelving. Open shelving is easy to install, it’s not very expensive, and in general it’s very durable. With open shelving, all items are readily visible and therefore are easy to locate and access.
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Organized Garages with the Gladiator GarageWorks System
One particular company has dedicated themselves to creating top of the line products that will help any homeowner get his or her garage in shape. The company is called Gladiator, and the line of products is called the Garageworks System.
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Selecting Garage Cabinets
For those of us with crowded, cluttered, or disorganized garages – which is most of us – garage cabinets are an excellent solution to a very annoying problem. Garage cabinets offer an affordable option for securing and storing workshop tools, sporting equipment, seasonal or holiday decorations, and the many other items that populate the garage space.
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Creative Solutions to Garage Storage Problems
Got junk, and too much of it laying around your garage? These storage solutions will clear that cluttered floor, organize everything in your garage and greatly improve its overall appearance.
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Eliminate Garage Clutter with Practical Solutions
Organizing your garage does not have to be an expensive adventure. By investing in affordable shelving, cabinets, pegboard and a few other functional items, your garage can be the most productive room in your home, allowing you instant access to tools, cleaning supplies, seasonal decorations and sporting equipment.
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Is Your Garage the Most Dangerous Room in Your Home?
Do you have opened containers full of caustic or toxic substances sitting on your garage floor right now? Are cabinet doors broken and standing open, allowing children to easily access sharp and dangerous tools? How about nails and screws? Could a toddler find them laying out in the open on workbenches or on the floor, just asking to be picked and up and placed in his or her mouth? Finally, are canisters of antifreeze sitting on the floor where pets could find them?
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What are Your Options for Garage Storage Solutions?
Warm temperatures, fresh air and green grass means spring has arrived in many parts of the country. Along with a new beginning comes the urge to clean and polish the garage, which has once again become a winter depository for broken, dirty and unnecessary items. Unfortunately, this winter debris is now commingled with all other items stored in the garage, producing a chaotic and cluttered environment you now desperately wish would just disappear.
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Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinets 8-Piece Tall Garage Cabinet Kit in Midnight Black Metallic
Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinets
8-Piece Tall Cabinet Kit
in Midnight Black Metallic

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Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinets
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