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Keeping Your Garage Safe
A functional and safe garage is a clean and organized garage. Thousands of accidents happen each year due to the cluttered state of a garage–falls, accidental electrocutions, animal and children poisonings and fires. All of these calamities could have been avoided if the garage owner had maintained a garage in which the floor was clear of debris, cords and wires had been neatly hung on wall hooks and toxic chemicals were kept behind locked cabinet doors.

How to Safe-Proof Your Garage
Expect to spend at least a weekend in your garage. Once you get started, you will find there is more to organizing and safe-proofing your garage than you thought just by scanning the amount of work to be done.
Purchase four or five large plastic trash cans and give each one of them a label, such as "small tools", "Christmas decorations", "garden tools", "miscellaneous" and "garage sale/trash". Start putting items into the trash cans but throw away anything that you haven't used in the past year.
Once you can see the floor, take a street sweeper-type broom and begin sweeping the floor. If you have one of those heavy-duty, wet/dry vacuums, you can use that to eliminate dirt, stray nails and other assorted, small debris littering the floor.
Workbenches and tables need to be cleaned and organized as well. Install garage cabinets and shelving above workbenches in which to place tools and other items frequently used at the workbench. Hooks are a great way to prevent electrical cords from getting tangled or damaged and can also be used to hang tools for easy access
The garage ceiling is often passed over as a place for storage. Consider installing overhead ceiling racks for storage of seasonal decorations and larger items that are used infrequently to free up more room in your garage
Stackable containers come in just about any size to fit any place in the garage. Clear plastic containers allow you to see what is in the container without needing to go through every one to find what you are needing
Pegboards are affordable methods of organization that provide many "holes" in which you can place hooks to hang all kinds of smaller items. Hang extension cords on one pegboard and ropes/tying cords on another to keep them off the floor and potentially causing a serious trip and fall.
Don't forget about the concrete floor. If you find that the floor is dirty, oily and cracked, you might think about have it sealed with polyurethane, a durable coating that fills cracks, covers stains and makes the floor look almost new. In addition, this coating can be mixed with a granulated material that prevents slipping when wet or oily.
Laying plastic mats especially designed for garage use is another option to help safe-proof your garage and conceal an old, dingy concrete floor
Broken garage doors are extremely unsafe and should be replaced immediately to avoid accidents. People, vehicles and pets could be seriously hurt by a defective garage door

For further help with keeping your garage safe and organized, contact a professional garage remodeling company that is experienced with garage renovations and providing the right materials for maintaining a clean, family-friendly garage.

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NewAge Outdoor Kitchens Coastal Grey 7-Piece Outdoor Kitchen Set with Countertops
NewAge Outdoor Kitchens
Coastal Grey 7-Piece
Outdoor Kitchen Set
with Countertops

$5,299.95  $3,919.95
NewAge Garage Cabinets PERFORMANCE PLUS 2.0 Black Mobile Locker
NewAge Products
Black Mobile Locker

$879.95  $559.95
NewAge Garage Cabinets PRO Series 3.0 Red 9-Piece Set with Bamboo Top and LED Lights
NewAge Products
PRO 3.0 Series
Red 9-Piece Cabinet Set
with Bamboo Top
and LED Lights

$3,734.95  $2,684.95
HyLoft Multi-Tire Storage Rack
HyLoft Multi-Tire

$179.95  $134.95
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