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Selecting Garage Cabinets

For those of us with crowded, cluttered, or disorganized garages – which is most of us – garage cabinets are an excellent solution to a very annoying problem. Garage cabinets offer an affordable option for securing and storing workshop tools, sporting equipment, seasonal or holiday decorations, and the many other items that populate the garage space. Garage cabinets literally have the power to transform your garage completely from a cluttered and disorganized mess to an effective, efficient workspace. Not only will the space be clear and therefore function as a workspace, but the work done within it will be done with much greater ease. When everything has a specific place that it belongs, finding individual items becomes incredibly easier.

As with many home decorating or home organization products, garage cabinetry can be highly customizable if you know how to approach it. Before jumping in, it’s of course a good idea to consider several factors that will contribute to defining what types of cabinets are the best for you and your garage.

The material that your cabinetry is made out of will greatly affect the cost as well as the durability of the cabinets. For example, metal cabinets are a more expensive option, but they are extremely durable and are therefore well suited for high-traffic spaces. In contrast, plastic cabinets are less durable and also more affordable.

What is being stored in the cabinets? Is the garage used as a paint studio? Is it used as a storage space for items for a large family? Is it simply used a carport? Understanding and being realistic about what you plan to store in the garage will greatly assist you in determining the size of the cabinets you need, how you’ll want to place them, and how many of them you will purchase.

What’s Stored
If children live in the house, it’s a good idea to secure hazardous chemicals in a storage unit that is secured and is also out of reach of these smaller and curious family members. Cabinets that have a lock feature are a good idea for such spaces, as are cabinets that are high enough that children can’t reach them but low enough that you can.

The construction of garage cabinetry tends to be very high quality due to the function and placement of garage cabinetry. Steel is a commonly used material and most garage cabinetry possesses utility features that are specific to the work typically done in a garage. Features such as adjustable or removable drawers or locking mechanisms make garage cabinetry easy to fit to your own specific styles and needs.

As with any home improvement project, it’s important to consider cost as a factor in the decision of what kind of cabinets to buy. It’s a good idea to take real care to evaluate what type of function you want out of the cabinets, what type of environment you are subjecting the cabinets to, and how many cabinets you would ideally like to implement.

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Gladiator GarageWorks Appliances
Contur Garage Cabinets
Yardistry Gazebos and Pergolas
Contur Cabinet 7.5' Premium Vespa Yellow Garage Cabinet System with Butcher Block Tops
Contur Cabinet 7.5'
Premium Vespa Yellow
Garage Cabinet System
with Butcher Block Tops

$9,499.95  $7,099.95
Memphis Grills Pro Cart Slide-In Kit
Memphis Grills Pro
Cart Slide-In Kit

$629.00  $599.00
Margaritaville Landshark Red Paddle Sign
Landshark Red
Paddle Sign

$86.99  $64.95
Palram Olympia 10' X 18' Patio Cover (White)
Palram Olympia 10' X 18'
Patio Cover (White)

$3,224.95  $2,484.95
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