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Tips on Choosing the Best Tile for Your Garage Floor
The best kind of tile for your garage floor depends on how you use your garage floor. For serious mechanics who always have at least two vehicles parked in their garage that need more than simple oil changes, heavy-duty, ribbed tiles at least 1⁄4 inch thick and made from P VC will provide features necessary to make the garage safe and comfortable. Polyvinyl chloride is affordable, offers high resistance to a variety of chemicals and is made flexible by adding plasticizers during the molding process. Garage floor tile composed of PVC material also prevents accumulations of dirt that is conducive to microbial growth. Many medical devices are constructed with PVC because of its inherent abilities to promote sterility.

Slip-resistant tiles contain grooves or textures that allow for the channeling of liquids away from the bottom of shoes so that accidental slips are avoided. In addition, ribbed tiles permit all debris, water and other unwanted solutions to flow through the tile and down to the concrete floor. By removing moisture from the top of the floor, draining tiles not only provide safer walking but also make it easier to clean the tiles. Simply use a garden hose to spray off tiles and push the excess dirty water out of your garage. Additionally, interlocking tiles permit you to remove the tiles before thoroughly cleaning a cement garage floor.

PVC floor tiles come in different shades, locking mechanisms and patterns and are an inexpensive alternative to concealing a deteriorated and unsafe cement floor.

Rollout Floor Mats for the Garage
If you occasionally need adequate coverage for your garage floor, you might consider purchasing a specifically sized rollout mat. Benefits of a garage rollout mat include:
Quick to unroll and roll up
Can be hosed off in the yard for easy clean-up
They can decrease the amount of dirt tracked into the home (especially if a family uses the garage as the main entrance to the home)
Rollup mats with glossy finishes are light-reflective and can add illumination in an inadequately lighted garage
Provides your garage with an instant makeover if you plan to throw an impromptu party
Keep a newly installed garage floor looking pristine by covering the most used areas with a rollout mat

Wood Composite Floor Tiles for Garages
Originally designed for use as a basement subflooring material, wood composite tiles are now found in garages doubling as party rooms, home offices or project areas. Because these tiles will contract and expand according to climate variations, garage owners are instructed to leave around a 1⁄4 inch extra space between the tiles and the walls. A polyethylene barrier resistant to moisture covers the bottom of wood composite tiles which makes them excellent for use in humid and rainy climates.

Carpet Tiling for the Garage
Carpet tiles for the garage are made with synthetic polymers that can withstand the heaviness and heat of a vehicle as well as the astringent properties of spilled chemicals, gasoline and motor oils. Although higher quality garage carpet tiles feel and look like indoor carpeting, the fibers are extremely strong and durable, resembling the materials used to cover a professional football or baseball field. Additionally, carpet tiles are self-adhesive and can easily be replaced with new tiles if damaged.

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Collectable Sign and Clock Chevrolet Pickups Backlit Wall Clock
Collectable Sign & Clock
Chevrolet Pickups
Backlit Wall Clock

$199.95  $159.95
Contur Cabinet 17.5' Premium Vespa Yellow Garage Cabinet System with Butcher Block Tops
Contur Cabinet 17.5'
Premium Vespa Yellow
Garage Cabinet System
with Butcher Block Tops

$24,309.95  $18,239.95
Collectable Sign and Clock Frontier Gas Backlit Wall Clock
Collectable Sign & Clock
Frontier Gas
Backlit Wall Clock

$199.95  $159.95
Creekvine Designs 58" Cedar Entertaining Buffet Table
Creekvine Designs
58" Cedar Entertaining
Buffet Table

$1,103.00  $919.00
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