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Inspirational Tips to Jumpstart Your Garage Renovation Project
Do you look at your garage and wonder how many dump trucks it would take to clean out all the junk that has accumulated over the years? Two? Three? Four? Unfortunately, this realization, along with the impending enormity of the job, tends to vanquish any sense of motivation you might experience for a few seconds upon viewing your garage, a.k.a. "the dump".

Inspiration is just what you need if this scenario describes you. So here are some great ideas that may inspire you to get moving and get that garage looking like the showplace you have always wanted:

Think vertically and ceiling-oriented when trying to maximize the existing space in your garage, especially if you want your garage to keep vehicles out of the elements and safe from criminals. Wall shelving and ceiling storage racks will give you more space than you thought your garage contained while motivating you to pick stuff up off the floor. What frequently happens to homeowners who are energized and motivated to clean their garage is that they start sorting clutter but neglect to have an appropriate storage point in which to place items. After an hour of simply moving piles of stuff around with no place to put the stuff, the motivation they once had disappears like air out of a flat tire.

Some homeowners have found that taking everything out of the garage first helps them retain the urge to keep going. Seeing an empty, uncluttered garage makes them realize how really satisfying it is to see how the garage could look if they organized and compartmentalized everything. In addition, this gives you a chance to examine your garage for evidence of damage that needs repaired. You might also want to look into having the cement floor refinished with polyurethane coating that fills cracks, conceals stains and makes the floor look almost new.

The next step in holding onto that motivation to clean out the garage may be difficult for people who have hoarder-like qualities. You know deep down that at least half the stuff in your garage is disposable--meaning you haven't used in the past five years and should be thrown away or donated. So what is preventing you from getting rid of it? Do you really want it or need it? Or maybe someone else needs it more than you do. If you have to stop and think about whether to keep an item or whether to expel it from the garage for longer than ten seconds--get rid of it!

If you plan to use the weekend to clean out your garage, avoid getting distracted by turning off your cell phone and informing anyone who is known to pop in over the weekend that you will be out of town and unavailable. Keep snacks and drinks in the garage so you won't be tempted to run inside, grab a Coke and a bag of chips and settle down in front of the television to watch a film you have already seen 100 times.

Finally, have everything you need prior to starting your garage organization project. This includes trash bags, empty trash cans, shelving to hang on the walls, brooms and several new vertical cabinets in which to place garden tools, paint cans and sports equipment like baseball bats or hockey sticks. Get help when something is too heavy or awkward to move safely and promise yourself a big reward once you have finished--like the ability to park your car in your empty, uncluttered garage.

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NewAge Outdoor Kitchens Coastal Grey 4-Piece Outdoor Kitchen Set with Countertops and Covers
NewAge Outdoor Kitchens
Coastal Grey 4-Piece
Outdoor Kitchen Set
with Countertops
and Covers

$3,649.95  $2,749.95
NewAge Outdoor Kitchens Stainless Steel 33" Insert Grill Cabinet
NewAge Outdoor Kitchens
Stainless Steel
33" Insert Grill Cabinet

$749.95  $559.95
Collectable Sign and Clock 1970 Chevelle Backlit Wall Clock
Collectible Sign & Clock
1970 Chevelle
Backlit Wall Clock

$149.95  $129.95
Turbo Tile Orange Garage Floor Tile Ramp - Female
Turbo Tile Orange
Garage Floor Tile
Ramp - Female

$2.95  $1.50
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