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Converting the Garage to a Workspace

If you are considering converting the garage into a workspace, you will need to create workstations where work may occur. To find success in your own workstation-building project for the garage, follow these steps.

1) Determine a Size for Your Workstations
Workstations will be constructed out of angled steel bars that are fitted with a plywood work surface. The workstation will have a shelf on the bottom and on the top. It should be an appropriate height for the person who will be using it.

2) Put Your Plan on Paper
Create a floor plan of how you want your garage to look with the workstations. Use actual measurements and plot everything out on paper so that you know exactly where everything is going to be and how it will fit.

3) Measure Your Steel, Cut Your Steel
Keep in mind that if you do not have the proper tools or skills to cut steel, you can hire a professional to complete the task.

You are going to want to use 2” angle steel for the legs of the workstation and 1.5” angle steel for the tops and bottoms of the workstation frames. Measure and mark the bars so that they are the length and height that you want.
Using a compound miter saw with a metal-cutting blade, cut the steel.

4) Create Modular Pieces
You are going to want your workstations to be uniform so that they will all fit together, and therefore all components of the various workstations should be equal in size to one another.

5) Put It Together
Take two of the pieces of steel that are going to connect and fasten them with a clamp. Next, at the point where a bolt will connect them, use a jig and drill a small hole through both pieces of steel. This should be a small pilot hole, but once it is drilled, use a bigger bit to make a larger hole that will accommodate a bolt.

Repeat this process at all of the points where the steel pieces must connect to one another.

The pieces should be connected using bolts, washers, and nuts.

6) Paint the Frame
Unless you want the look of exposed steel, you are going to want to paint the frame of the workstation. Spray paint is the easiest way to do this, but make sure that you spray paint outdoors, due to harmful fumes.

7) Cut the Plywood
While your spray paint is drying, measure and cut the plywood to create the countertop for your workstation.

8) Install the Countertop
In order to place the countertop on the frame, center it. Use a measuring tape to confirm that the overhang is equal on each side. Keeping the countertop in place, drill a hole into the underside of the countertop.

Use a hammer and a coach bolt to make the countertop secured onto the workstation. Secure the bolt with a nut and wrench.

You may install shelving onto the workstation the same way.

9) Install Casters
Finally, install casters on the bottom of your workstation. To do this, drill pilot holes and fasten the casters to the legs with screws.

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Moduline Select Series 11-Piece Aluminum Garage Cabinet Set (Black)
Moduline Select Series
11-Piece Aluminum Garage
Cabinet Set (Black)

$8,599.95  $6,099.95
NewAge Products PERFORMANCE 2.0 Black Diamond Plate 9-Piece Cabinet Set with LED Lights
NewAge Products
Black Diamond Plate
9-Piece Cabinet Set
with LED Lights

$1,974.95  $1,449.95
MonsterRax 4'x6' Overhead Storage 24"-45" Drop Combo (Includes 2 Racks and 18 Hooks)
MonsterRax 4'x6'
Overhead Storage Combo
24" to 45" Drop - Hammertone
(2 Racks and 18 Hooks)

$339.95  $224.95
DuraMax Imperial 12' x 20' Metal Garage (Grey / White)
DuraMax Imperial
12' x 20' Metal Garage
(Grey / White)

$2,749.99  $2,699.99
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