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Eliminate Garage Clutter with Overhead Storage Systems

Look up at the ceiling of a garage and you will probably see a large amount of unclaimed space just waiting to be used. This space probably exists in your garage right at this moment, space that could allow you to de-clutter your garage and potentially transform it into a comfortable and attractive extension of your home. Many garage owners do not consider installing garage overhead storage systems because they think it would be difficult to access an item once it is placed into a overhead bin. This is far from the case, however, because today's overhead storage racks are manipulated with a series of pulleys and levers or electronically operated and controlled using a handy remote while remaining safely on the ground.

Why Install an Overhead Storage System
If your garage is bursting at the seams with seasonal items that you only use once a year, an overhead storage system can safely stash these items until they are needed. Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holiday stuff tends to get thrown into garbage bags after all the parties are over and carelessly tossed into the garage, only to somehow sustain damage over the months as it gets re-tossed, banged around or run into with bicycles and vehicles. By the time you get around to using your Christmas decorations, the bags are torn, bulbs are broken and the bows and wrapping paper you bought during the after-Christmas sale are crushed and dirty. If they are been placed in an overhead storage bin after the holidays, your home could have been decorated a year later with items looking as fresh as the day you bought them.

How Do Overhead Garage Storage Systems Work?
Manually operated garage storage racks work by implementing a hand crank, cables and pulleys that are engineered to easily lower and raise racks by simply turning a crank that does not require excessive force. As a safe and secure method of storing everything from sports equipment to bicycles to even items as large as ATVs, a manually operated ceiling storage rack for your garage is the perfect method to use when re-organizing a fully stocked garage.

Motorized overhead storage systems use wireless remotes or safety switches to electronically raise and lower storage racks. These systems include adjustable straps to securely store larger or more delicate items and a lifting capacity of between 250 to 500 pounds or more. The racks are lowered until they lie flat against your garage floor so anyone can easily roll or push heavier items onto the rack, secure it with the straps, and then press a button on the remote to raise it up to the ceiling. Additionally, electronic overhead storage systems are equipped with sensoring devices that prevent accidental damage from occurring due to racks moving to close to the ceiling.

Installation of garage ceiling storage racks by a professional garage remodeling company takes as little as one to two hours, depending on how many racks there is to be installed. With plenty of additional room provided by these sturdy, dependable storage racks, you could have your garage clean, clutter-free and ready for that neighborhood party you have always wanted to throw for your good friends.

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NewAge Garage Cabinets BOLD 3.0 Grey 7-Piece Cabinet Set with Bamboo Top, Backsplash, LED Lights
NewAge Products
BOLD 3.0 Series Grey
7-Piece Cabinet Set
with Bamboo Top
Backsplash and LED Lights

$2,324.95  $1,629.95
NewAge Garage Cabinets BOLD 3.0 Grey 10-Piece Cabinet Set with Stainless Top, Backsplash, LED Lights
NewAge Products
BOLD 3.0 Series Grey
10-Piece Cabinet Set
with Stainless Steel Top
Backsplash and LED Lights

$3,069.95  $2,149.95
Mesa Safe Company Double Door Pharmacy Safe (White)
Mesa Double Door
Pharmacy Safe (White)

$1,589.95  $1,189.95
DuraMax Imperial 12' x 20' Metal Garage (Green / White)
DuraMax Imperial
12' x 20' Metal Garage
(Green / White)

$2,749.99  $2,699.99
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