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Start Your Garage Renovation Project
Assessing how much damage you have done to your garage, clutter-wise. In other words, are you standing hip-deep or ankle-deep in clutter? If you feel like you are on the verge of drowning in garage stuff, you better rent a dumpster before starting to clean. Otherwise, having five or six large trash cans sitting around marked "Keep", "Throw Away" or "Donate/Garage Sale" to expedite your renovation.

Cleaning off your garage floor and putting everything in garbage cans or the dumpster you had to rent due to hoarding tendencies. If you don't remove everything from the floor of the garage right away, it may seem like you aren't progressing at all in de-cluttering the garage. This feeling of "well, I'm not getting anywhere so what's the point" is a definite de-motivator and excuse for leaving the garage as-is.

Maximizing all four walls of your garage with adjustable shelving to give you as much vertical space as possible. Installing wall slats that allow you to move shelves anywhere in the garage provide a level of versatile storage space that you can't get with fixed shelving. Stash lesser used and toxic items on higher shelving and more commonly used things on lower shelves.

Using a special sweeping compound containing oil to clean your cement garage floor after you have cleared away clutter. This compound is available at most hardware stores and is great to pick up large amounts of dirt and dust. Inspect the floor for cracks and signs of rapid deterioration before deciding what to do next. Consider having your garage floor professionally coated with a polyurethane sealant that repairs cracks and completely covers old stains.

Determining whether you really have enough room in your garage for all the stuff you want to keep before putting them back in the garage. Sheds are great storage places for lawnmowers and garden tools that require gasoline and oil to operate. You won't have them smelling up your freshly renovated garage and you won't have to worry about your clean garage floor getting stained and re-cracked from oil drips and heavy, clunky machinery.

Thinking about whether you want to keep your garage as a place for the car or if you would like to invest in transforming it into an extension of your home. Once your garage is cleaned, organized and spacious-looking, you might think about turning it into a playroom for the kids, a playroom for your teenagers or a party room for the adults in your home. Other trending garage renovations include the "man-cave", the home office for people who telecommute or the extra bedroom for those 20-somethings who seem to like coming home for long visits periodically.

Cleaning out your garage is not only fun and satisfying but may get you thinking about ways you can increase the value of your home. For more information and ideas, consult a professional garage organization and renovation company for expert advice and access to quality materials designed especially for garage renovation projects.

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Gladiator GarageWorks Red Tile Flooring (48-pack)
Gladiator GarageWorks
Red Tile Flooring

$289.95  $209.95
Gladiator GarageWorks 60-Inch Tool-Free Rack Shelving (4-Pack)
Gladiator GarageWorks
60-Inch Rack Shelving

$889.95  $639.95
Palram Balance 8' x 8' Greenhouse (Green)
Palram Balance 8' x 8'
Greenhouse (Green)

$1,609.95  $1,099.95
NewAge Garage Cabinets PERFORMANCE 2.0 Silver Diamond Plate 14-Piece Cabinet Set with LED Lights
NewAge Products
Silver Diamond Plate
14-Piece Cabinet Set
with LED Lights

$3,099.95  $2,169.95
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