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Choosing the Right Garage Cabinets

Installing the wrong kind of garage cabinets could be disastrous for your expensive garage items as well as for your budget. The type of weather conditions your geographic area seasonally experiences should considerably influence the choice of materials used to make your garage cabinets.

For example, while wood cabinets may enhance the overall appearance of your renovated garage, they are also vulnerable to cracking, swelling and warping due to high humidity or prolonged, sub-freezing temperatures if your garage is not under a climate control system. However, wood garage cabinets hold up well in temperate climates where extreme temperatures are not the norm. Wood cabinets can also be decorated by painting or staining them in shades that enhance the quality of the garage.

If you plan to transform your garage into a children's gameroom, painting wood cabinets in bright colors like red, blue, white and yellow would add a charming playfulness to the room. Alternately, wood cabinets painted black and embellished with silver or gold handles provide a dramatic touch to a garage being transformed into an entertainment room for parents.

Garage Size and Cabinetry
Before purchasing garage cabinets, take a good look at all the stuff you want to organize and determine how much space you will need to safely store everything in garage cabinets. Experts in organizing living areas suggest people obtain several large plastic trash cans and begin going through items by putting unwanted items in one can and items to keep in the other can.

Take wall measurements to determine how many cabinets you could attach to garage walls without making it appear too crowded, especially if your garage is medium to small-sized. Try for uniformity in cabinet sizes to keep your garage looking neat and methodical. When you have the proper garage accessories with which to maintain an orderly garage already in place, any effort needed to preserve that orderliness is minimal to practically none.

The Garage as a Workshop
For garages that are used primarily as a place to work on cars and other large, mechanical devices, metallic or heavy-duty stainless steel cabinets are the best kind of storage solutions to install in the garage. Sturdy, resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, these cabinets will securely hold manual and electrical tools as well as keep dangerous chemicals off the floor and away from the potential of accidental spillage. Because these types of cabinets often do contain hazardous items, homeowners can purchase cabinets that are equipped with secure locking mechanisms.

For Those on a Budget
If your budget does not include purchasing metal cabinets, then opt for cabinets made with durable plastic resin that provide excellent storage solutions for items like cleaning products, craft supplies, small kids' toys, seasonal decorations, pet supplies and "junk drawer" stuff that tends to clutter the inside of the home.

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Swisstrax Pearl Grey Ribtrax Garage Floor Tile (9-Pack)
Swisstrax Pearl Grey
Garage Floor Tile (9-Pack)

$79.95  $59.95
NewAge Products BOLD Series 3.0 Red 9-Piece Set with Bamboo Top
NewAge Products
BOLD 3.0 Series
Red 9-Piece Cabinet Set
with Bamboo Top

$1,899.95  $1,394.95
NewAge Products PERFORMANCE PLUS 2.0 Black Diamond Plate 12-Piece Set
NewAge Products
Black Diamond Plate
12-Piece Set

$4,789.95  $3,514.95
Gladiator GarageWorks 2 x Premier Tall GearBox
Gladiator Premier
2 x Tall GearBox

$1,099.95  $789.95
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