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The Well-Groomed Garage: From Floor to Ceiling

When your garage is well-groomed, the rest of your house seems just as neat and organized, doesn't it? Walking from your home into a cluttered, dirty garage can make you feel like you haven't accomplished anything, even though you have just spent the last six hours cleaning your home. Tackling that garage is the last thing you really want to do but you know it needs done.

So why not get started before it is too late!

Where to Start

Resolve to spend at least one entire day working in your garage, clearing and sorting through the stuff that has accumulated over the past several years.
Give everyone one hour to select a few items from the garage that they consider essential, that is, something they simply cannot live without. Restrict the number of items your family members take with them to no more than five things.
Depending on how much stuff is crammed into your garage, purchase some heavy-duty plastic trash containers and label them "Keep", "Junk" or "Donate/Garage Sale". Some people will only need three or four; others may need 10.
Start picking items up off the floor. Quickly decide into what container each item needs to go without hesitating. Hesitation means you may decide to keep something you really don't need.
Keep working until everything is off your garage floor. Sweep the floor and then examine its condition.

Refurbishing a Damaged Garage Floor
If you are like millions of other garage owners, your empty garage floor looks worse than it did when it was covered with clutter. Any oil, gas or chemical stains will be visible as well as cracks, chips and other discolorations.

The best method to use for making your floor appear like new without totally replacing it is to apply a coating of high-grade epoxy that resists erosion caused by oil, water and harsh contaminants. Epoxy coating fills and seals cracks and also make your floor shiny and easy to clean. However, Epoxy coatings should be applied by professional garage renovators because of pre-conditioning measures that need implemented in order for the epoxy to "grab" and seal the floor properly.

Where to Start

If your garage has a window or two, think about enhancing the outside of the garage with stylish shutters.
If your garage doesn't have a window, consider having one installed to allow light, warmth and ventilation into the area.
External flower window boxes underneath garage windows adds color and charm to any garage.
Depending on what you use the garage for (workshop, kids' playroom, art studio), stained glass windows or applicable window treatments will enhance the theme of the garage.
Garage doors come in many different styles and colors. Consider replacing your old, boring garage door with a new, modern door.

Maximize Ceiling Space
Don't let all that ceiling space go unused. Purchase a garage ceiling storage unit to keep seasonal items from cluttering your clean, organized garage. These storage units are available as pulley systems or remote control systems that are easy enough for anyone to maneuver. Lower storage racks to stash Christmas decorations or winter sports equipment in a safe place until next year without worrying about anything getting crushed or broken. Accessing anything you need using a ceiling storage is also just as simply as releasing a cord or pushing a button on a remote control device.

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Gladiator GarageWorks Appliances
Contur Garage Cabinets
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Gladiator GarageWorks 18-Inch Wire Basket
Gladiator GarageWorks
18-Inch Wire Basket

$54.99  $32.99
Contur Cabinet 12.5' Premium Lithium Grey Garage Cabinet System with Stainless Steel Tops
Contur Cabinet 12.5'
Premium Lithium Grey
Garage Cabinet System
with Stainless Steel Tops

$19,019.95  $14,259.95
Gladiator GarageWorks 3 x Ready-To-Assemble Full-Door GearBox
Gladiator GarageWorks
3 x Ready-To-Assemble
Full-Door GearBox

$1,089.99  $784.99
Moduline 6-Drawer / 2-Door Yellow Aluminum Toolbox
Moduline 6-Drawer / 2-Door
Aluminum Toolbox

$7,744.95  $5,809.95
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