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Garage Storage Cabinets

For a long time, the norm for garage storage was open shelving. Open shelving is easy to install, it’s not very expensive, and in general it’s very durable. With open shelving, all items are readily visible and therefore are easy to locate and access. However, open shelving can also sometimes lead to a less finished look in the space. Because of this, many homeowners are now installing cabinetry in the garage for a more finished, streamlined, and uncluttered look.

A wide variety of options exist for those looking to install cabinetry in the garage, with a range of functionality, durability, and style.

One potentially inexpensive option is to recycle used kitchen cabinets, either from your own kitchen or from the kitchen of a neighbor or a person looking to sell their old cabinets. Typically speaking, kitchen cabinets will not be as durable as cabinets built specifically for a garage, obviously because they were built for a kitchen. However, depending on the climate and use of the garage, this may not be a huge issue. If you are looking to purchase used kitchen cabinets and don’t know anyone who is getting rid of theirs, you may either look on classifieds such as Craiglist or even post something yourself letting the general public know that you are in pursuit of some.

As far as cabinetry that is created specifically for a garage, molded plastic cabinets are the most affordable option. Molded plastic cabinets are also extremely easy to clean, which is a plus if the garage is used readily for parking vehicles or working with solutions or chemicals. Plastic is also both weather and rust proof. Generally speaking it’s easy to find plastic units that are assembled easily by fitting parts together. Plastic cabinets come in all different sizes and shapes, and have lockable doors if the need exists within your garage.

Laminated surface cabinets are another option, and are typically sturdy. Laminated surface cabinets have a core of medium-density fiberboard, particleboard, or plywood. This, along with durable melamine or plastic-laminate surfaces, promotes durability that is perfect for the garage.

Metal cabinets create a very finished workspace look. Heavy-duty steel cabinets are often the dream option here, as they are top-of-the-line. However, steel cabinets are also the most expensive type of garage cabinetry available. For those who cannot afford the cost but want the look and general durability of metal, more and more manufacturers are making less expensive, more lightweight options of consumer-grade metal cabinets. May of these lighter weight cabinets are powder-coated in a variety of color choices, making them customizable to a variety of tastes in style. Some metal cabinets are even sold full assembled.

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Collectable Sign and Clock Golden West Oil Company Backlit Wall Clock
Collectible Sign & Clock
Golden West Oil Company
Backlit Wall Clock

$149.95  $129.95
MonsterRax 4'x6' Overhead Storage Rack 24"-45" Drop
MonsterRax 4'x6'
Overhead Storage Rack
24" to 45" Drop - Hammertone

$339.95  $129.95
Moduline 7-Piece Aluminum Garage Storage Set (Red)
Moduline 7-Piece
Aluminum Garage
Storage Set (Red)

$7,649.95  $6,219.95
NewAge Products PERFORMANCE PLUS 2.0 Silver Diamond Plate 11-Piece Set with LED Lights
NewAge Products
Silver Diamond Plate
11-Piece Set
with LED Lights

$4,674.95  $3,359.95
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