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Garage Shelving Installation

Garage organization is a challenge for some, but with some simple devices such as containers and garage shelving, it can become a breeze. For reliable garage organization, many homeowners turn to laminated boards anchored to the wall. With shelving affixed to the garage wall, you will create room to store the many items in the garage that are best kept off the ground.

If you want to install laminated board shelving in your garage, follow the steps below to do so.

Gather Tools and Supplies
For this project you will need:
Shelf Standards
Shelf Brackets
Laminated Boards

You may get plastic anchors, or, for thicker walls, metal anchors. If you cannot obtain anchors for some reason, butterfly bolts serve the same function. However, butterfly bolts are not removable from the wall.

Measure Locations
Before doing anything, be aware of where you want your shelves to be on the wall and make marks on the wall to guide yourself. To do this, use the shelf standards as a guide, ensuring that the shelf standards are as far apart as you want them to be for the shelves.

Note that there should be at least eight inches of overhang on either side of the standards in the finished product.

Insert Anchors
You may insert the anchors into the wall by drilling a hole into the wall. The anchor is inserted into this hole and then it expands to securely hold a screw.

You may also utilize butterfly bolts, which function similarly to anchors. If you are using butterfly bolts, you drill a hole into the wall and insert the butterfly bolt, keeping the wings of the bolt facing down. Like the anchor, the wings open up once inserted in the hole so as to assist a large screw in staying in place. However, please note that butterfly bolts are not removable.

Use a stud sensor on the wall to locate where any studs already exist, as you won’t be able to insert an anchor where there is already a stud.

You will want to utilize a drill and a screwdriver or a power screwdriver for inserting the anchors.

Affix Standards
Once your anchors are in place, take your shelf standards and place the opening for the screw over the hole you have created with the anchor. Screw the screw into the anchor using a screwdriver to secure the standards.

It’s a good idea to verify the space between the standards at this time to make sure that everything is measured properly and will function well.

Assemble Shelf Brackets
Once your standards are safely on the wall, it is time to affix shelf brackets to the standards, thus creating a base for the shelving unit to rest on. The shelf brackets will fit into the standard easily, but you will want to make sure they are especially secure. You can do this with a hammer.

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